PCM 70


Main Details
Maker Lexicon Brand
  • Effect (Digital Effects Processor)
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Weight 4.9kg (10.7 lbs)
Frequency Response 16-bit linear PCM
Notes Lexicon PCM70 Digital Effects Processor in very good condition. Some light scratches from rack mounting, excellent operating condition. Includes manual on CD and power cable.

The Lexicon PCM70 is an effects rack with chorus, flange, reverb, multiband delays and resonate chords. With a mono feed in and stereo effect out, its heritage is from the Lexicon 224X and was one of the first effects processors to offer MIDI implementation. The Preset Programs are set up in Rows.

Row 0 - Echo and Chorus Programs,
Row 1 - Multiband Delay Programs,
Row 2 - Resonant Chord Programs,
Row 3 - Concert Hall Programs,
Row 4 - Rich Chamber Programs,
Row 5 - Rich Plate Programs,
Row 6 - Inverse Room Programs.

The PCM70 names themselves are sort of what you would expect: Concert Hall, Long Hall, Gymnasium, Rich Chamber, Small Room, Tiled Room, Gated Chamber, Infinite Reverb, Rich Plate, Small Plate, Gated Plate Etc. But the sound is exquisite.

Later a version 3.0 software was released which added the Inverse Room Program and included 42 new presets as well as better MIDI implementation. But If you wanted to keep the presets from an earlier version they needed to be saved in a user register before installing the new chips. That's right the software update was on 3 chips that would replace existing chips.

The PCM70 encourages user interaction and tweaking of parameters with the large soft knob, up, down keys and the 0 through 9 number keys. Each algorithm contains between 25 and 35 parameters that create a preset. Included in the PCM70 are 50 user register locations to store your own presets.

At the time the PCM70 was introduced it was unheard of for an effects processor to incorporate MIDI. Lexicon was looking ahead when they chose to add this feature. MIDI can be used for patch changes or real time changes like panning, feedback amount, reverb time etc. up to 10 parameters. With a computer MIDI can be used for patch editing using third party software and system exclusive messages.

The PCM70 is a great effects processor, well known for Its classic sound. Those rich, smooth Lexicon reverbs, and the multiband delays are just wonderful. In a time when plugins seem to dominate the effects we use there is still room for hardware processors like this.
Additional Specifications
Connector: DIN
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)


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