DRP 20


Main Details
Maker Dynacord Brand
  • Effect (Digital Reverb Processor)
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Germany
Date Produced 1989
Frequency Response 16bit / 20Hz-15kHz
Notes The Dynacord DRP 20 is really two channels constructed. with stereophonic inputs and stereophonic outputs. They allow him as a true stereo device (stereo in stereo), as a transformer balanced two-channel device (2x mono to mono) or as a normal Stereo device to use (mono in stereo).

The digital signal processing is performed in a new, developed and manufactured by NEC Dynacord signal processor with 32 bit floating point technology, which achieves a dynamic range of 770 dB internally.

Thus consuming internal operations are performed quickly and accurately even imperceptibly. The 16 bit A/D and D/A conversion corresponds to the current CD standard and allows the excellent studio moderate sound quality.

There are 100 factory presets and 128 additional free user memories available. You can complete the data users benches along with their Midi settings stored on compact cassette or the like, or warden loaded into the Dynacord DRP 20. The Dynacord DRP 20 has a very comfortable Midi department that the advanced user Midi offers completely new possibilities themselves.

For example, the external control of all parameters in real time (sequencer, keyboard) or simultaneous control of multiple parameters with a control function, or creating 5 different midi mapping tables, or more.

This subroutine allows individual, for the user freely definable presets (eg parameter values 0 “100 or in dB), and a variety of tests, including White Noise – and Pink Noise generation and more.

Note: The DRP 20X is the same as the DRP 20, with the exception of XLR outputs on the X model.


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