Control Surface

Main Details
Maker MIDI Club Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path No Audio
Made In Canada
Date Produced 2015
Notes 29 Potentiometers, 6 rotary switches and 1 button control all synthesizer parameters
MIDI In port allows passthrough of all MIDI messages to the synthesizer
Three modes of operation:
CTRL Mode: Conventional synthesizer control as well as built-in CC conversion allowing synthesizer parameters to be controlled by almost any DAW/sequencer through CC messages
CC Mode: JunoCtrl functions as a generic MIDI controller, sending out CC messages over MIDI to control any hardware/software device or any DAW/Sequencer
DUAL mode: Conventional synthesizer control coupled with CC output and conversion, allowing DAW/sequencer to receive, record and playback physical knob manipulation in real time
For all modes, CC messages and channels are fully assignable
Chord Memory with 8 assignable chords
Snapshot and Snapshot Trigger functions allows for all parameters or a specific set of parameters to be updated simultaneously


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