Mixing Desk

Main Details
Maker Fostex Brand
  • 24 × Channel (12 buss)
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Date Produced 1992
Notes One hell of a desk. Apart from its 24-12-4 approach and dividable, indepedently assignable EQs it features MIDI mute automation, mute snapshots (which also provides click-free muting), sends in the return channels(!), solo for A/B channels, returns, busses and monitor channel, each with group LED indicator additionally, and a talkback mic.

- impressive features and flexibility - routing capabilities make patchbays obsolete in many cases - effective, musical EQs - 12 busses - warm to neutral sound quality, low noise (-95dB, four channels @ unity gain routed to master) - meters for busses and master - good mechanical quality
Additional Specifications
EQ 2-band hi/low and 2-band semi-parametric; each seperately assignable to A/B inputs
Aux sends 6 sends, 2 of which stereo; 6 aux returns
Inserts insert + direct out per channel
Busses / Subgroups 12
Midi in/out/thru
Connector: DIN


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