Analog Delay


Main Details
Maker Serendeepity Brand
Form Factor Footswitch
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Italy
Date Produced 2017
Notes Dubwise ghost voices rumbling… Droning textures that slowly mold into the groove… Self-oscillating madness… Knob-twiddling itself into space…
Serendeepity Store is glad to introduce the first batch of ANALOG DELAY.
A stylish, hand crafted, limited-series analog delay aimed to Producers & DJs who like to get busy with repetition and freakish tones.
Inspired by Korg’s Monotron Delay and by the DIY spirit of sound system culture, it incorporates an LFO, an analog (VCF) filter and a dub-style siren for additional sonic sculpting.
Truly sharp in looks and gritty in feel, it can add little touches of space-tronic spice to a selection of records or being unleashed into self-oscillating chaos for more experimental far out sets.
Once you lay your hands on it you’ll never be able to let its knobs go.


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