Hellas Amanda Bergman


Main Details
Maker Urbanears Brand
Form Factor Headphone - Circumaural
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In Sweden
Date Produced 2016
Weight 130 g
Power Source 50mW
Notes The Limited Sweat Edition combines Hellas from the Active collection with the sweat of seven inspiring movement-makers who did everything from running in a Californian desert, to playing a four hour game of ping-pong.

Each pair of Hellas was captured and sealed in a bag post-workout, then signed and labeled with all the sweaty details.

Would you keep them as a collectors item, or give them another go? (They are washable, you know).

Three editions were made by running coach Knox Robinson, dancer/choreographer WilldaBeast Adams, and singer-songwriter Amanda Bergman, who endured some extra tricky workouts in the Mojave Desert.
Additional Specifications
Impedance 60Ω
Sensitivity 98dB
Phono Jack
Connector: 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Connector: Other


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