CEC DD-8200


Main Details
Maker CEC Brand C.E.C. Chuo Denki LTD, Saitama, Japan Company Visonik HiFi Brand Quadraflex 610T Brand
Additional Model ID Visonik DD-8200
  • 2 × Channel (Stereo)
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1976-1978?
Dimensions 156x457x350 mm
Weight 10.0 Kg
Power Source 110-120/220-240V 60/50 Hz
Notes Top-of-the-line CEC Turntable, also seems Ken Ishiwata was chief project when this turntable was designed.

C.E.C. Chuo Denki LTD made also OEM turntables for different brands such as Marantz, Fisher, Sanyo, Onkyo, Visonik, Quadraflex, Taya, Realistic and more.
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Speed Select 45 rpm
Rumble 70db
Wow and Flutter 0.03% - 0.05%
Platter diameter 31 cm
Platter weight 1.5 Kg ?
Drive Type Direct Drive
Tonearm s-shaped
Tonearm effective length 215 mm
Acceptable cartridge weight 4 to 12 g
Suspension 4 Elastic Feet
Motor DD 20 poles 30 slots DC servo motor
Control Pitch control
Automation Semi Automatic
Power consumtion 3.5 W
Type: Strobo
Indication: Pitch
Scale: 45/33-50/60 Hz
Type: Speed indicating lamp
Indication: Selected speed
Scale: 45/33 rpm
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Connector: Binding Post
Parameter: Speed selector
Control Type: Momentary Push Switch
Range: 45/33
Parameter: Pitch
Control Type: Slide Encoder
Range: ± 3%
Parameter: Cueing
Control Type: Latching Push Switch
Parameter: Stop
Control Type: Latching Push Switch


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