Main Details
Maker Aiwa Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Notes Upgraded to the yellow one Audio Technica ATN 91 Needle Original Stylus Diamond Spherical

For users using similar designs even many entry level turntables looking similar to this design may use such many diferent styluses for replace when needed or for an upgrade if u wish too.. for me the replacement was an aiwa an 11 something like that but after lot of reaserch and comparing the compability for many replacement styluses in the info given at ebay or amazon i realized i could use An at3600/3600L at 91 an 91 atn 91 atn 91 red and many many styluses in the market)
Additional Specifications
Speed 33/45
Drive Belt
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)


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