Debut Carbon


Main Details
Maker Pro-Ject Brand
Additional Model ID DC
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Dimensions 415 x 118 x 320mm (WxHxD) lid closed
Weight 5.6 kg
Power Source 110/120 or 230/240 Volt - 50 or 60 Hz
Additional Specifications
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm Must remove platter and move belt
Speed Select 45 rpm Must remove platter and move belt
Speed Adjust (Pitch) -
Drive Type Belt Drive
Platter 300mm metal with felt mat
Mains Bearing Stainless steel
Wow & Flutter +/- 0,10%
Signal to noise - 68dB
Tonearm 8,6”, Carbon Fiber
Effective arm length 218,5 mm
Effective arm mass 6,0 g
Overhang 18,5mm
Tracking force 10 - 30mN
Standby power consumption < 1 watt


wesrog posted 4 years ago:

I'm pretty happy with this table overall, but one thing that I'm having trouble adjusting to is the time it takes to turn it off to switch a record (you have to hold the power/speed selector switch down for 3 seconds or so) So, I've been manually stopping the platter with my hands to switch records. Does anyone know if this will cause wear and tear to the motor or the belt?

CAPacelli replied 4 years ago:

You have a different turntable. This listing is for the original Pro-Ject Debut. Sounds like you have the newer Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB (DC) -

That should be a new/separate Gearogs listing

Also, you should never stop the platter with your hand. These units are not designed for that.

wesrog replied 4 years ago:

Thanks for the info! You're right, I have the newer one.

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