Amplifier, Integrated

Main Details
Maker Exposure Brand
Made In UK, Portslade
Date Produced ~1987 - ~1994
Dimensions 430 x 310 x 85mm
Weight 9kg
Additional Specifications
Output power 2 x 35w/8Ohms
Transient Capabilities 150VA
Input MM 47kohms, 470pF, 3.00mV
Input MC 470 Ohms, 6800pF, 150uv
CD-Tuner-Tape-Video 10kOhms, 150mv
Connector: Banana
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)


favorit601b posted 1 year ago:

Handbuild integrated stereo amp with phono stage (soldered-in MM/MC-adapter pcb) and voltage-regulated power amp section, 2 x 35W/8Ohms. Huge power supply, well balanced sound. State-of-the-art Amp built from ~1986 to ~1994 by John Farlowe, around 2500 units built. Suberb mechanical quality. Was ~2.000,- DM in Germany in 1995.

favorit601b posted 1 year ago:

Original Exposuer Website said:

The design of the Exposure 10 integrated amplifier uses similar circuit design and constructional techniques as the rest of the Exposure range. Thus, by not cutting corners in design and manufacture, we have been able to produce an integrated amplifier which sets new standards of performance and reliability.

The one piece PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is double sided and constructed from 2mm glass fibre. The layout enables wiring to be kept to a minimum and ensures consistent construction and long term reliability. The input phono sockets are mounted onto a smaller PCB which is in turn mounted onto a rear panel, this is then hard wired to the PCB. This technique has been used to overcome the inferior mechanical connection which results from the use of conventional PCB mounted sockets and in turn makes for better performance and long term reliability.

The "phono" input offers both moving magnet and moving coil sections via the use of a replaceable board which may be fitted by your dealer to suit your requirements. We have opted for this method in order to reduce the degradation associated with switching these very low and delicate signals and believe that the small inconvenience of this method is far outweighed by the improvement in sound quality.

The power amplifier section is a world first for an integrated amplifier. It offers total regulation which has the dual advantage of enabling the amplifier to drive low impedance loads safely whilst reducing distortion to levels which are usually associated with more upmarket pre-power amplifier combinations such as the Exposure 7 and 8 however, because of this there is a healthy switch-on thump which is totally harmless to your speakers.

Our policy of using components produced to our own exacting standards gives us an advantage over our major rivals using standard off the shelf items. The use of custom designed and made components enables us to produce a better end product offering superior sound quality and reliability.

Designed and made for aesthetic appeal the new case is an aluminium extrusion which is visually compatible with most environments and most other audio components.

What better comment could we make, than that written by Chris Frankland, Editor of Hi Fi Review when he said, "There is no doubt that Exposure have another sure-fire winner on their hands here, and since there is nothing remotely comparable at the price, they have also created a valid niche where they have no natural competitors".


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