Main Details
Maker Pioneer Company
  • CD (Professional grade DVD video/CD deck)
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Japan
Dimensions 320 mm x 409 mm x 108 mm
Weight 5.4 kg
Frequency Response 4 - 20,000 Hz
Notes Scratch , loop and cue both audio and video with the DVJ-1000.

Offering the same operation and layout as the CDJ-1000MK3, but with enhanced DVD specifications, the DVJ-1000 offers a convenient way to add visuals to your set. Manipulate DVDs as you would music - digital video scratches, loops and instant cues are all possible.

You can perform audio-only sets while having the option to mix in DVD, with the power to setup instant hot cues or reverse play for synchronized audio and video. The best of both worlds.

Additional features include MP3 compatibility, a brighter and larger wave display, compatibility with studio quality 96kHz/24-bit audio and innovations like 4 x hyper jog mode and a back and forth loop button.

It’s a globetrotter, too - playing both NTSC and PAL DVDs using a built-in standards converter; ideal if you're working with DVDs from both Europe and the States.


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