Model 1

DJ Mixer

Main Details
Maker Playdifferently Company Richie Hawtin Designer Andy Rigby Jones Designer
  • 6 × Channel
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In UK
Date Produced 2016
Dimensions L 37cm x W 32cm x H 11.5cm
Weight 5.40kG
Frequency Response 20Hz - 40kHz +0/-2dB
Notes MODEL 1 has a unique offering of six fully featured input channels plus two stereo returns in a small format frame. It has many features not currently available on any comparable device, such as Input pre-amplifier drive control, hybrid filter/swept bell EQ, dual cue system, dual mixer linking system, and a fully balanced Tascam DB25 connector system.

MODEL 1 is a purely analogue mixer featuring technology normally found in the finest studio consoles, such as a fully balanced mix buss, zero crossing detection for seamless filter & master EQ routing along high voltage differential power rails.


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