Transcriptors Limited

Hydraulic Reference Turntable


Main Details
Maker Transcriptors Limited Company David Gammon Designer
Additional Model ID Hydraulic Reference
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In UK
Date Produced 1964 - 1973
Power Source 110vac/240vac
Notes Designed in 1964 by the David Gammon until 1973. License granted to JA Michell Engineering Ltd and produced until November 1977.


Hawkfum posted 9 months ago:

A wonderful sounding deck if you are prepared to spend five hundred quid on an OL motor kit and a 200 gram record clamp roughly the size of the label area.
Armed with an modded SME 3009/2, a top spec DC motor kit from Origin Live, an Ortofon 2M Black, and a few other tweaks, this old girl recently had a modern spec LP12 owners jaw hitting the floor. Has to be used with the right record clamp to get that result though. I have no idea how the sound would be affected using the original arm.
I had three turntables up until a few months ago when the arrival of a reel to reel dictated that one had to go. It was never going to be the Transcriptors because of its possible history. As it happens this was fine because in all honesty, hand on heart, the Transcriptors sounded better than the Roksan by the same sort of margin as the Alphason betters the Transcriptors.

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