Radio Receiver, Amplifier, Integrated

Main Details
Maker Pioneer Company
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Japan
Dimensions 435 x 142.5 x 364 mm
Weight 8.3 kg
Frequency Response 5 Hz-100 kHz, 0 dB/-3 dB
Notes The high-performance, discreet amplifiers with 100 watts per channel and the Pioneer direct energy concept with short signal paths and optimised circuits guarantee high-quality stereo reproduction. Thanks to the two connection terminals for loudspeakers it is possible to operate two box pairs (A + B), while bi-wiring is also possible. In addition to a UKW tuner with RDS and storage space for 30 stations, the SX-20DAB also has a DAB/DAB+ receiver for crystal clear digital radio. Its easy-to-read display supplies the information required for listening pleasure such as, for example, the broadcaster’s name and the current song title.


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