TB Audio



Main Details
Maker TB Audio Company
  • Effect (Bucket-Brigade Chorus)
Form Factor Modular - 500 Series
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Dimensions 2-slots
Notes The TBDD-500, from TB Audio, is a modern implementation of Roland’s classic SDD-320 stereo chorus, the Dimension-D, in dual 500 series format.

As with everything they build, TB Audio strives to preserve the function and sonics of the original (which is why it was so popular in the first place), while updating the hardware with modern components and construction techniques to improve reliability, performance, and functionality. 

To this end, the circuit follows the original Dimension-D very closely. NOS analog BBD chips are used (exactly the same as the original). Some new features have been added as well, such as the onboard wet/dry blend and optional relay bypass (the functionality of the “Off” button can be selected via a jumper).
Type: LED Bar Meter
Indication: Level
Scale: dB
Parameter: Chorus
Control Type: Latching Push Switch
Range: 0-4
Parameter: Blend
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Range: Dry-Wet
Parameter: Input
Control Type: Slide Switch
Range: Mono/Stereo


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