Main Details
Maker Denon Brand
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Dimensions 434 x 122 x 381 mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Additional Specifications
Automation Full-auto
Cartridge type Moving magnet (MM)
Cartridge weight range 5 to 10 g
Drive Type Belt Drive
Motor DC Servo
Output Voltage 2.5 mV With equalizer Off
Output Voltage 150 mV With equalizer On
Pitch Control Yes
Platter diameter
Platter weight
Plinth Suspension
Power consumption 2 W
Signal to Noise Ratio 60 dB
Speed Control Electronic
Tonearm Effective Length 221.5 mm
Tonearm Lift
Tonearm Type Straight
Tracking Weight (Stylus pressure) 2 g Optimal
Tracking Force Range 0 to 4g
Wow and Flutter 0.10% wrms
Speed Select 33⅓ rpm
Speed Select 45 rpm
Parameter: Anti-skating Adjustment Ring
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: Equalizer Switch
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Parameter: Fine Speed regulation
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: On
Control Type: Momentary Push Switch
Parameter: Off
Control Type: Momentary Push Switch
Parameter: Size switch (17/30)
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Parameter: Speed switch (33/45)
Control Type: Toggle Switch


olekasper posted 4 years ago:


My DP-300F spins slightly too fast, on both 33 and 45RPM. I've tried adjusting the speed via the rotary potentiometer, however I'm having a hard time doing the actual adjustment. Unable to vistualise how the potentiometer actually looks and works, it's difficult to poke around with a flathead screwdriver without expecting damage...

I've read the maintenance manual which is floating around the net, but it doesn't provide much info, except point out the holes in the chassis. I've tried adjusting speed with a very small flathead screwdriver, but didn't succeed. I managed to make the platter spin way too fast, but it went back to normal when I withdrew the screwdriver.

I noticed some rubber inside the hole in the chassis. I'm not sure whether to shove it aside, or if it's a rubber knob on the potentiometer.

Can anyone provide some guidance on how to adjust the speed?

Flash_82 replied 4 years ago:

I've had the same issue and without a strobe it's really hard to adjust "by ear". To my experience both 45 AND 33 are linked. I managed to get the 45 all right, 33 still off, got that one right and the 45 was again off although better than the first go.

The actually are behind the rubber, just push through with a fine flathead. It really is trial and error fishing for the meters. When you push through the rubber, shielding the meters, they are a couple of mm deeper. Try to get them in there as straight as you can, the are on the deepest end of the hole.

I hope this was a bit useful?

olekasper replied 4 years ago:

Right, thanks. I have been using a strobe, but I'll just have to fiddle a bit more with it, I guess.

Martijnlauwens replied 4 years ago:

I experienced the same problem with this turntable. Didn't manage to adjust it to the right speed - the table only kept going faster and faster, or ridiculously slow. In the end i gave up and returned it to the shop where i bought it. They replaced the motor (for free) and it works perfectly fine right now. :-)

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