Turntable Tonearm

Main Details
Maker Technics Brand
Form Factor Part
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1982
Additional Specifications
Arm Material Boron Titanium
Headshell Material Boron Aluminum
Effective Bearing Gap 30mm Horizontal and Vertical
Effective Length 250mm
Overhang 15mm
Total Length Range 322mm-355mm
Rear Length Range 66.5mm-94.5mm
Height Adjustment Range 44mm-64mm
Horizontal Tracking Error Angle +1°6' (Inner Circumference 30cm Record), +2°6' (Circumference 30cm Record)
Rotational Axis Sensitivity 5mg
Effective Arm Mass 22g Cartridge Mass 6.5g, Vertical Tracking Force 1.25g
Arm Resonance Frequency 9.8Hz Cartridge Compliance: 12×10⁻⁶cm/dyne (100Hz), Cartridge Mass: 6.5g, Vertical Tracking Force: 1.25g
Arm Resonance Sharpness (Q) <6dB
Vertical Tracking Force Range 0-3g
Headshell Mass 9.5g
Cartridge Mounting Dimensions 1/2" JIS Standard 12.7mm
Shell Terminal Lug 1.2mm 4 pin terminal lug
Cartridge Mass 5-10g
Mounting Hole Diameter 62mm
MSRP (1982) ¥130,000
Connector: Other
Description: Stereo
Connector: Other
Description: Stereo, Unbalanced


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