Main Details
Maker Neo Brand Oyaide Company
  • Cable (microphone cable)
Form Factor Component - Cable
Signal Path No Audio
Made In Japan
Notes The AR-910 M has the design of great originality. The distinctive feature of AR 910 M is 5N silver conductor and the original XLR connectors which are made from high quality materials of Japan with new locking system of connection.

The AR-910 M is favored by the recording engineers who are active all over the world and they use it to suit the situation like selection of microphone or pre-amplifier on the recording. When used in recording, it brings out the goodness of vocal on the music of yours.
The AR-910 M goes beyond the limits of cable’s ability and it has a lot of potential to improve the sound quality when used with hi-grade microphone and pre-amplifier.
Connector: XLR


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