QAC-222G SS/0.3


Main Details
Maker Neo Brand Oyaide Company
Form Factor Component - Cable
Signal Path No Audio
Made In Japan
Dimensions 3.0m / 5.0m / 7.0m
Notes QAC-222G is enhanced sound quality of guitar and bass from QAC-222 of microphone cable. There is a standard of technical cable’s method by NEO cable.
Their sound characters fit the guitar and bass sound to rock music as it has a wide range of frequency and powerful sound feeling.The conductor of QAC-222 G is HC-OFC what it is Grade 1 oxygen free copper of Japanese made with hard drawn process and an annealing control for guitar and bass sound.
The solder is Oyaide SS-47 containing 4.7% silver, also the original plugs have toughness and it was carved out from brass for QAC-222G.
Furthermore, the plug of patch cable was designed to save space in effector case.
Phono Jack
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)


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