WEM Watkins Electric Music

Copicat "IC 500"


Main Details
Maker WEM Watkins Electric Music Company
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In UK
Notes This was the first excursion into purely electronic echo reverb by WEM. These early solid state effects did not have the same popularity as the old Copicats. Musicians seemed to prefer the old tape driven sound with all the little nuances introduced by the mechanics of the tape system. The technical description of the IC 500 states:

"The IC 500 employs no less than 3 charge coupled devices where the normally acceptable echo unit would only use one. This provides the special feature of unequally staggered delay "heads" and allows the unit to perform with a frequency band from 20Hz to 4kHz even at maximum delay time of 0.4 seconds. The IC500 is provided with 36dB anti-aliasing filter effectively removing spurious and harsh frequency interference."


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