Andrea Pivetta

Opera Only

Amplifier, Power

Main Details
Maker Andrea Pivetta Brand Andrea Pivetta Designer
Additional Model ID Mod. 001.120kW Dual Monoblock Assembly
  • 2 × Channel (Separable to six or twelve individual channels)
Form Factor Floorstanding
Signal Path Hybrid Analog / Digital Hardware
Made In Italy
Date Produced 2013-2017
Dimensions Off: 1900mmx1250mmx1250mm On: 2500mmx1850mmx1850mm (HxWxD)
Weight 1500kg
Power Source 230/400VAC 50/60Hz 800/400A
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Additional Specifications
Amplifier Topology Class A
Output Power (8Ω) (Two Channels) 60,000W
Output Power (8Ω) (Six Channels) 20,000W
Output Power (8Ω) (Twelve Channels) 10,000W
Minimum Impedance 0.1Ω
THD+N 0.002%
Power Supply 30kW Torroidal Transformer (x6)
MSRP (2013) € 1.650.000
Type: 15.6" Touchscreen
Type: Laser Diode/LED RGB
Indication: Power
Input (x12)
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Input (x12)
Connector: XLR
Input (x6)
Connector: JIS F05 (Toslink, ADAT Lightpipe)
Output (x12)
Connector: Speakon
Parameter: Power


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