Synthesizer, Sampler

Main Details
Maker Casio Company
  • 4 × Voice
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Date Produced 1987
Notes "This quite rare small keyboard from 1987 is one of the successors of the famous Casio SK-1 lo-fi sampler. It can store up to 4 samples (playable through drumpads or keyboard) and keeps them in battery backed-up memory after power off.
In opposite to the SK-1 it includes a "melody guide" key lighting feature for music teaching (not the keys itself light up but a row of small LEDs above them) and a ROM- Pack music cartridge slot. Unfortunately this instrument is missing the nice drawbar synthesizer and portamento of the SK-1, and the tekkno blip drums were replaced by ordinary percussion samples without accompaniment. Also the sequencer is way simpler than on SK-1. This instrument was also released as Realistic Concertmate-800.
By a keyboard matrix easteregg the SK-8 can be easily modified into an oriental keyboard.

- 32 midsize keys
- built-in speaker
- main voice polyphony 4 notes
- lo-fi sampler (up to 4 low- res samples, with tuning, reverse & loop function)
- 6 selectable preset envelopes (usable only for samples, most sound very similar)
- 4 OBS sample select buttons
- 4 rubber sample pads (not usable for internal percussion)
- simple sequencer (polyphonic record/ playback of all sounds, no edit)
- tempo +/- buttons (24 steps)
- ROM- Pack music cartridge slot for melody guide and "auto play" (jukebox mode)
- "melody guide" keyboard play training feature with key lighting (32 red & green LEDs above the keys)
- "part tone" switch {melody, obligato, accomp} to select the sound for the individual parts in ROM- Pack musics
- sample based sound generator for 4 voices + rhythm
- battery backed- up memory
- auto power- off
- jacks for AC- adapter, line out, line in, microphone"

found at CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler's keyboard site "WarrantyVoid"
Additional Specifications
PCM sounds piano, vibraphone, guitar, pipe organ, trumpet, violin, flute, clarinet
Rhythms rock, disco, swing 2 beat/4 beat, samba, bossa nova, beguine, march, slow rock, waltz


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