Main Details
Maker Casio Company
Additional Model ID RAP-1
  • 3 × Voice
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1991
Dimensions 513 x 204 x 61 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
Power Source 5x AA batteries or 9V wallwart PSU
Notes "This 32-key keyboard offers 25 preset tones, including piano, horns, guitar and sound effects; 30 Rap patterns, including rap, rock, house and more; a scratch disk that gives you control of up to four different scratch sounds by turning it with your hand, and three effect pads - three buttons on the console that give you one-touch access to a selection of exciting sound effects.

One of the best features of the Rapman is the Voice Effector function: this changes the pitch of the sound being input through the microphone. Yes, there's an extra-cool Casio EM-4131 mini-microphone included!

The on board speaker is powerful enough for home use, but there's an 1/8" output too, for when you need to kick it up a notch.

32 mid size keys
polyphony 3 notes (only one note when rhythm plays :-( )
30 preset sounds
25 rhythms (partly with fixed- key accompaniment)
voice changer with 5 position slider
3 drum pads + scratch disc controller mock-up (works just like 2 buttons) + mode button to switch between 2 fixed sound sets for these.

The PCM sound generator corresponds to Casio SA series instruments. It synthesizes each instrument sound by a combination of 2 mixed wavetable samples with complex envelopes."

found at CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler's keyboard site "WarrantyVoid"
Connector: 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Description: Mono
Line Out
Connector: 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Description: Stereo


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