Main Details
Maker Casio Company
Additional Model ID ToneBank
  • 2 × Voice
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1989
Dimensions 375 mm x 115 mm x 41 mm
Weight 0.47 kg
Power Source Batteries: AA x 4 or 9V PSU
Notes "- 32 mini keys
- built-in speaker (harsh and bassless)
- main voice polyphony 2 notes
- 100 preset sounds {piano, elec. piano, honky- tonk piano, harpsichord, jazz organ, elec organ, pipe organ, church organ, street organ, accordion, brass ens, warm brass, trumpet, tuba, brass hit, wind ens, english horn, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, samba whistle, whistle, quena, flute, flute- vib, ocarina, bagpipe, harmonica, chorus, brass- strings, strings, warm strings, violin, violin- piano, cello, elec guitar, jazz guitar, mute guitar, metal guitar, slap bass, elec bass, wood bass, snare bass, ukulele, banjo, sitar, mandolin, harp, taishokoto, shamisen, synth- piano, synth- celesta, synth- clavi, synth- accordion, synth- brass, synth- reed, synth- lead, synth- strings, synth- guitar, synth- bass, glass harmonica, fantasy, waw voice, twinkle echo, metal lead, cathedral, cosmic dance, plunk extend, pop lead, pearl drop, airplane, ambulance, insect, emergency alarm, laser beam, cosmic sound, telephone, car horn, computer sound, typewriter, vibraphone, marimba, church bells, bells, gamelan, afro percussion, ethnic percussion, sample percussion, matsuri, wadaiko, triangle, conga/ agogo, cowbell/ clave, tom, rock drum, swing drum, bass/ piano, bass/ trumpet, piano/ flute, strings/ oboe} selected by 2 digit numbers
- 29 preset rhythms {rock 1..2, 16 beat 1..2, disco 1..3, pops 1..3, slow rock, swing, march, reggae, tango, samba, bossa nova, beguine, waltz} (without accompaniment)
- 13 preset "super accompaniments" {rock, pops, funk, slow rock, latin, jungle, orient, bagpiper, fanfare, child's play, classical, computer, new age music} (rhythms with accompaniment - fixed- key, thus of little use)
- rhythms through keyboard keys
- cipher buttons {"0".."9"} to select preset sounds
- volume +/- buttons (5 steps, reduce bit resolution badly)
- tempo +/- buttons (16 steps)
- wavetable sound generator with sounds based 2 mixed low- res loop samples with independent, partly very complex algorithmic volume and pitch envelopes.
- demo melody "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" (by the pop band Wham, nicely orchestrated)
- jacks for AC- adapter & headphone"

found at CYBERYOGI =CO=Windler's keyboard site "WarrantyVoid"
Additional Specifications
Speaker built-in 0.5-watt mono speaker
Power Consumption 0.7 watts
Connector: 3.5mm Miniature Phone Jack (1/8")
Description: Stereo


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