Magic Pitara

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Main Details
Maker Magic Pitara Brand
Additional Model ID Superb Sound EK-91DX, Electronic Musical Keyboard 98289, RJP - Dynamic Keyboard MU-7986
  • 1 × Voice (Polyphony)
  • 1 × Track (Sequencer)
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Made In China
Date Produced 1998
Notes - 32 mini keys
- Built-in small speaker
- Theoretically 2 note polyphony, but a chip bug randomly cuts the tone of a held down key when a 2nd is pressed. Only monophonic play is reliably possible.
- 8 OBS preset sounds {piano, organ, violin, trumpet, mandolin, bell, music box, guitar}
- 8 OBS preset rhythms {slowrock, rock, new new, disco, march, waltz, samba, blues} (no accompaniment, with rhythm only monophonic play)
- volume +/- buttons (8 steps)
- tempo +/- buttons (22 steps)
- 4 drumpads + select button to switch them between drum or animal samples {base, snare, hihat, cymbal | dog, frog, duck, bird}
- Percussion - drum samples {base, snare, hihat, cymbal}
- simple sequencer (monophonic record/ playback of 38 notes or drum pad events, no editing).
- auto power-off
- 6 polyphonic demo melodies (Jingle Bells, Spain Coffee, Santa Claus is Coming Down to Town, Song of Spring, La Primavera, Let It Be)"


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