Future Retro



Main Details
Maker Future Retro Company
Form Factor Desktop
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Made In USA
Dimensions 7" length, 6" width, 2.75" height
Weight 1.75 lbs.
Power Source 12 volt AC input, current rating of 1 amp or 1,000 mA
Notes Number of Patterns: 256 patterns (16 banks x 16 patterns each)

Recorded Pattern Content: note duration, pitch, accent, glide, loop point, time signature, swing amount

Number of Steps Per Pattern: 3/4 time = 12 steps, 4/4 time = 16 steps max

Note Pitch Range: C1 - D#6 (internal), C2 - D#7 (MIDI)

Loop Point: 1 to 16 notes per pattern to loop

Pattern Transpose: from -36 to +36 semitones

Other Pattern Features: pattern remixing, play patterns forwards or backwards, copy and paste patterns, pattern shifting, permanent pattern transposing, multiple pattern cueing (for chaining patterns together live), LED chase, real-time editing of pattern information while the sequencer is playing or stopped, sequencer automatically saves all editing

Remix: 256 instant variations for playing each pattern and song

Number of Songs: 16

Number of Steps Per Song: up to 3,580 measures each

Recorded Song Content: tempo, bank/pattern for each step, transpose value for each step, song loop point

Song Pattern Transpose: from -36 to +36 semitones for each song step

Tempo Range: from 20 to 250 beats per minute

MIDI Functions: on/off, channel selectable from 1-16, Program Change messages for selecting patterns remotely

MIDI Sync: internal or external

MIDI Sysex: for backing up patterns and songs (sysex dumps compatible with the Revolution synthesizer)

MIDI Data: note on/off, pitch, velocity (transmitted and received)

MIDI to CV Converter: Converts internal patterns or external MIDI note data into control voltage, gate, and accent signals for controlling other analog synthesizers


MIDI: in, thru, out

1/4" Jacks: v/oct CV out, +12v gate out (positive polarity), +10v accent out (positive polarity)


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