Main Details
Maker Hoontech Company ST Audio Brand
  • 8 × Channel
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Notes - Cirrus Logic Crystal ADC: 24bit/96kHz Delta-sigma ADC's, Dynamic Range 120dB.
- 8 channel Mic & Line preamplifiers: (Analog Devices SSM2141 -24dB ~ 50dB), 8 pre-amp control knobs.
- 8 channel phantom power supporting 48V (4 On/Off switches)
- switch for the S/PDIF output frequency rates: 44.1kHz/96kHz.
- seperate analog to digital outputs: 4 coaxial digital outputs (S/PDIF).
- 8 channel XLR inputs (+4dBu).
- 4 1/4" TRS stereo inputs (-10dBv).
- power On/Off switch.
- direct H-BUS connection possibility for DSP24 and DSP24 MK II.
- power: 12V 1A constant voltage.
- MIDI I/O for DSP24 on 1/8" connectors (via adapters to DIN).


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