Mixing Desk

Main Details
Maker Samson Brand
  • 16 × Channel
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Dimensions 482 mm (w) x 230 (d) x 88 (h)
Weight 8.8 lbs • 4 kg
Notes Sixteen input channels, which can be used as eight stereo channels. All
channels provide electronically balanced line-level inputs, and are ideal for
line-level sources such as outboard signal processors; CD players; tape or
cassette recorders; stereo drum machines; and keyboards and MIDI tone
modules. In addition, channels 1 and 3 provide electronically balanced mic
inputs so that you can connect up to two microphones to the PL 1602.

An electronically balanced main stereo output for connection to a power

Two auxiliary sends and two stereo auxiliary returns (which can be used as
four monophonic returns). Both sends are pre-fader but post-equalizer.

Independent 2-band equalization for each channel, with 15 dB of cut or
boost for low (100 Hz) and high (10 kHz) frequencies.

Balance controls for each channel and Aux return that allow you to blend
the relative levels of stereo inputs.

Channel inserts are provided for channels 1 - 6, enabling you to use
outboard signal processors such as equalizers, compressor/ limiters, or
noise gates in a standard “effect loop.”

Input trims for the mic inputs of channels 1 and 3 are continuously
adjustable from +4 to -40 dB, making it possible to use the PL 1602 with a
wide variety of microphone types.

Center detents for all balance and EQ controls, making it easy to use the
PL 1602 even in low-light situations such as live performance.

Main left/right out faders for easy control of overall output levels.

An independent front-panel headphone jack with dedicated volume control.

The PL 1602 can be mounted in any standard 19" rack (taking just two rack
spaces), making it easy to integrate into any existing system.

Last but certainly not least, affordability. The PL 1602 has been designed
from the ground up to provide versatility and excellent sound quality at a
cost-conscious price.


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