MIDI Auto Switch

Accessory, Signal Distribution

Main Details
Maker Mindburner Brand
  • 3 × Channel
Form Factor Part
Signal Path No Audio
Made In UK
Dimensions 100x60mm
Power Source 5-9VDC, 30mA
Notes Saves unplugging MIDI leads
Can be USB powered (best avoid cheap non powered hubs)
Reverse polarity protection
Green DC power LED
3 red MIDI signal LEDs. These show if there is an incoming MIDI signal, neat! Can be used to test cables etc. Independent of power supply.
Very fast with no noticeable drop. High speed opto isolated IC's
Designed and built in N Ireland by myself, an electronics enthusiast
Full after sales support
Priced Competitively
High quality reliable design
3 year warranty on normal use
Rugged RS sourced 5-pin din connectors, and IC's. Not cheap Chinese knockoffs
Each MIDI input can be enabled or disabled using the 3-way DIP switch
3x MIDI In
Connector: DIN
Description: Socket (Female)
Connector: DIN
Description: Socket (Female)


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