Wilson Audio



Main Details
Maker Wilson Audio Company
Form Factor Bookshelf / Stand Mounted
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In USA
Dimensions 18-13/32" tall x 9-3/8" wide x 13-3/4" deep
Weight 40 lbs each
Frequency Response 36Hz - 32.5kHz
Notes 2-way speakers with 1" enclosed tweeter and rear-ported 8" woofer in internally separate enclosures. Speakers come with 2 sets of b-wire cables to connect to included external crossovers, one set for near-wall or cabinet use, and one set for free-space use. Also included are cones of varying height to aim speakers vertically at listening position. Various resistors are included to fine-tune speaker response in varying installations.
External crossovers are 9-3/4" high x 4-1/8" wide x 10-3/16" deep and weigh 19 lbs each.
Optional color-matched stands were available.
Additional Specifications
Sensitivity 89db @ 1watt
Nominal impedence 4 ohms, 3 ohms minimum
Minimum amplifier power 7 watts per channel


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