Turntable Cartridge

Main Details
Maker Taruya Company
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Weight 17g
Frequency Response 15Hz〜23kHz
Notes Type:MM(Moving Magnet)
Stylus type:Spherical (Diamond Tip)
Additional Specifications
Impedance 3.7KΩ
Output Voltage 6.5〜12mV(9mV±2.5dB 5cm/sec)
Stylus Pressure 1.5〜6g


hupendimuziki posted 2 years ago:

Taruya 03-M White Cartridge with Needle for Pro DJ. Genuine product from Japan.

Taruya was founded by Japanese needle craftsman. 03-M stylus has been used by lots of music lovers, audiophiles and world's famous professional Djs like Derrick May, Dj Harvey, Jazzy Jeff and so on as well as 01-M.

03-M was developed based on 01-M which has a established reputation for dynamic sound, but places emphasis on DJ playing. it's very good for scratching, doesn't jump easily, stabler than 01-M.
Flagship model of the series.

This needle is comparatively cheaper and more economic than Ortofon but the sound is on a level with that of a higher model of Ortofon.

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