Amplifier, Power

Main Details
Maker Yamaha Company
  • 2 × Channel
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1987-1992
Dimensions 435 x 170 x 425mm
Weight 20.5kg
Power Source 120VAC 60htz
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz
Notes Hyperbolic Conversion Amplication Circuit This kind of circuitry, developed by Yamaha, eliminates the only serious drawback of previously Class A operation amplifiers. These had to switch to non-linear class AB operation above a certain load current, causing a slight deterioration in the otherwise excellent sound quality. The new Hyperbolic Conversation Amplification Circuit does away with this problem, allowing the Yamaha MX-1000 to deliver superior performance constantly, without switching or cut-off, over its entire power range.

Advanced Power Supply Circuitry (APS) An amplifier is only as good as its power supply - this simple truth has prompted Yamaha to develop the APS circuitry incorporated in the MX-1000. The problem with conventional power sources was their tendency to produce pronounced voltage ripples during medium to large amplitude music signals, particularly under low impedance loads, together with voltage fluctuations in the power transistors. ASP solves this problem by providing an active power source that ensures stable voltage in the final transistor stage under all operating conditions, thus greatly improving power supply to the amplifier.
Additional Specifications
Total Harmonic distortion 0.003%
Watts Per Channel: 260 8Ω
Damping factor 130
Input sensitivity: 1.62V
Signal to noise ratio: 126dB
Type: Meter
Connector: Binding Post
Description: Stereo
Connector: Binding Post
Description: Stereo
Connector: Binding Post
Description: Stereo
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Description: Stereo
Parameter: Volume
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Range: 1-10
Parameter: OHM
Control Type: Toggle Switch
Range: 1/2/6/8


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