12" vinyl replacement outer sleeve 2


Main Details
Maker Vinylpeople Designer
  • Accessory ((12" replacement outer sleeve (disco bag style) with original artwork/design/graphics))
  • Accessory ((To replace your torn/unusable outer sleeve. To protect your favourite records. To give support to new records purchased that only come in a paper inner sleeve. To give your sometimes bland plain outer sleeve life, identity and recognition.))
Additional Model ID Vinylpeople replacement sleeve 2 (5 x Sleeves for £7)
Form Factor Portable
Signal Path No Audio
Made In UK
Date Produced 2018
Dimensions 31cm x 31cm x .4cm
Weight 40 grams
Power Source N/A
Frequency Response N/A
Notes Although loosely based on classic Disco outer sleeves, all our artwork is totally original and not just copied. The idea and is to help tidy up and give life into your record collection and also to help bring recognition, perhaps you could be putting 10/15 of your favourite records in new sleeves to help find them super quick, in this case, Disco records. The idea is to concentrate on other genres as well further down the line.
Additional Specifications


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