Monitor Super Red 385


Main Details
Maker Tannoy Brand
Additional Model ID Monitor Super Red
Form Factor Part
Signal Path Passive Hardware
Made In United Kingdom
(H × W × D)
Weight Driver: 20.8lbs Crossover: 3lbs
Notes Low frequency voice coil temperature rating increased to 480°F.
Additional Specifications
Replacement Tweeter Diaphragm P/N 7900-0205
Driver Type Dual-Concentric Full-Range
Power Handling 100W
Polar Distribution (60°) -4dB at 10kHz
Intermodulation Products <2%
Crossover Frequency 1kHz
Impedance (Nominal System)
Impedance (Woofer)
Voice Coil Resistance (Re) (Woofer) 5.5Ω
Impedance (Tweeter) 16Ω
Voice Coil Resistance (Re) (Tweeter) 10.5Ω
Voice Coil Diameter (Woofer) 2"
Voice Coil Diameter (Tweeter) 2"
Magnet Material Ticonal-G (AlNiCo V)
Magnet Mass 13lbs
Flux Density (Woofer) 13,500 Gauss
Flux Density (Tweeter) 18,000 Gauss
Woofer Cone Material Paper
Suspension Material Plastic Impregnated Fabric
Compression Diaphragm Material Plastic-Coated Aluminum Alloy
Voice Coil Material (Tweeter) Aluminum
Waveguide Phase Compensation PepperPot
Finish Silver Hammertone Frame, Red Stove Enamel Magnet Cover Cadmium Plating
Connector: Other


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