Main Details
Maker AKAI professional* Brand
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Dimensions 330mm x 75.5mm x 228.2mm
Weight 3.45 kg
Notes The MPC1000 is a 64-track sampler/sequencer. It comes with 16 MB sample memory as standard, and can be expanded to 128 MB. It supports a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, in stereo or mono. Its features include a USB port, an internal CompactFlash card reader, two MIDI inputs and outputs, and effects and multiple analog outputs as standard. Its sequencer's resolution is 96 ppq.

There have been many reported problems with the pad sensors in the 1000. In the original MPC1000 sensors, a thin square of carbon-impregnated rubber is glued at each corner above a copper coil. When a pad is depressed, this carbon-impregnated rubber is compressed against the copper coil, allowing current to pass through. This moving part can wear out, as the carbon-impregnated rubber sloughs away from the glue and eventually breaks loose.

In 2007, Akai offered a fix for this issue, retailing at 180 USD. The pad sensors design returned to the design of the pad sensors in previous models. This upgrade has been seen to be pre-installed on the MPC1000BK-N and some versions of the MPC1000BK, not the MPC1000 (blue outer casing). Before this change, a MPC1000 user designed, built and sold kits of a pad fix under the name "Nym." Nym's kit is no longer available. By comparison, the more recent Akai pad fix uses better sensor technology (Sensitronic FSRs).


jehovahkill posted 6 months ago:

It's nature a simple one-shot sampler is still very apparent, but the 1k gives you a lot of fun with actually making new sounds. You have a fairly standard sample as an oscillator (sampels can be layered) with envelope on the vca, two multimode resonant filters (not the most exciting) with envelopes, and and LFO that can modulate pitch and filter cutoff. It ain't much, but MPC benefits greatly from ease of use. It's very easy to find and exploit it's glitches, making surprising new sounds from fairly umimpresive source samples. The sequencer is super detailed and just vast, it can run a whole studio. Sample chopping gets into your blood superfast and is nearly instant. Arguably the greatest sampler/sequencer combo ever produced. MPC1k is just a perfect storm of size and functionality. Older MPCs may get more likes under pictures, but this machine gets shit done.

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