Main Details
Maker Radikal Technologies Company
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware
Notes 3 oscillators with sweepable waveforms, time linearity modulation, phasemodulation, ringmodulation between Oszillator 2+3, oscillator synchronisation and linear detuning
6 envelope generators, 4 LFOs (3 voice, 1part LFO)
noise with dedicated noise filter (multimode filter - LP, HP, BP and Notch 12 / 24 dB) and independent amp & envelope
2 multimodefilter per voice - LP, HP, BP and Notch with 12/24 dB per filter switchable independent oscillator to filter feeds, flexible serial and parallel filter routing
additional 3 band full parametric EQ per voice
powerful modulationmatrix
4 powerful FX busses with modulation delay, chorus, phasing, reverb, leslie and distortion
up to 8 programmable polyphonic arpeggiators
up to 8 step sequencers with chord memories, 32 steps and three lines for parameter control. Realtime features like mute, skip, gate, transpose, direction and line length manipulation
split, dual, single and performance mode with performance memories and selection chain programming
acceleration sensor for parameter control
61 lightweighted keys with channel aftertouch
500 sound memories, 300 performance memories, 100 performance chain memories
categorized sound selection
categorized randomize sound function
floating point processing for enhanced dynamic range
8 voices (up to 32 voices per DSP expansion)
two part multimode (up to 8 part multimode with DSP expansion)
monochrom graphic display with RGB backlight


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