Main Details
Maker Pioneer Elite Brand
Power Source 120v
Notes Cosmetically, and Functionally Excellent!


Stereo Receiver for Critical Listening

AIR Studios Monitor Tuning and Certification
70W Per Channel (FTC)
Dual Isolated Toroidal Power Supplies for Precision Channel Separation & Imaging
Exceptional Audiophile Build Quality
USB Input


SX-A9MK2-K Stereo Receiver

Introducing the 70W Pioneer SX-A9MK2-K Elite Integrated Stereo Amplifier. With over 70 years of audio heritage, industry firsts and an unrelenting and uncompromising passion for hi-fidelity 2-channel sound, it’s designed specifically to get music lovers as close as possible to exactly what the artist intended.

The SX-A9MK2-K is unrivaled in giving audiophiles an affordably priced way to enjoy high performance and value, while at the same time experiencing audio entertainment the way it was created.

Its non-feedback power supply circuit is combined with a low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) Capacitor to achieve a clean-cut sound. The rectifier circuit has parallel drive Schottky barrier diodes, creating quick response with low noise, for sound that is at once smoother and more powerful.

Twin Toroidal transformers with very low magnetic leakage are built into the power supply, adding power and allowing an increased S/N ratio even at extremely low frequencies.

Inspired by perfectly tuned musical instruments, the resonance point of the bonnet is fixed to the chassis, decreasing natural oscillation and increasing audio perfection. The SX-A9MK2’s aluminium housing, rigid underbase construction and metal foot result in an even more stable bass reproduction. Its front, side and top panels are made of rigid aluminium, which works to eliminate unwanted vibration and provide a clear sound. With all that function, the form is stunning as well.

AIR Studios Tuning

To ensure “professional grade” performance, Pioneer went to the world-renowned AIR Studios in London. Our long-standing collaboration with them on Elite components allows us to better understand the artistic vision of the recording studio professional, as well as ensure the most accurate recreation of the original recordings.

In other words, killer sound.

When we posed the question regarding how the SX-A9MK2-K should sound to AIR Studios Technical Manager Tim Vine-Lott, his reply was simple and straightforward: “We need a quick response and open sound.”

State-Of-The-Art Internal Components

To accomplish that, we decided the only thing that wouldn’t be included was compromise.

Using a newer, more efficient “no feedback” power supply circuit matched to a low impedance smoothing circuit, Pioneer engineers were able to significantly improve the amplifier’s response speed. A Schottky diode gained the system additional speed advantages thanks to its higher current density capability. High-speed LAPT output transistors were used to cover a broad frequency range with minimal distortion.

Then AIR Studios engineers had at it.

Before certifying it, they put the SX-A9MK2-K through rigorous fine-tuning with a singular goal: 2-channel high fidelity audio output as pure and exact as possible to the original source. Only when that is achieved are they satisfied.

With the SX-A9MK2-K, they were very satisfied.
Additional Specifications


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