Main Details
Maker Kurzweil Company
Form Factor Keyboard
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Dimensions 53.30" (135.30 cm) x 11.50" (29.20 cm) x 3.54" (9.00 cm)
Weight 30 lb (13.60 kg)
Power Source 12.0VDC / 0.5A external power supply
Notes NOTE: This is a legacy product. It has been succeeded by the SP4-8.

The SP Series Stage Pianos are the performance keyboards you've been waiting for. Well-constructed and affordable, these stage pianos have everything you need. The SP Series comes in lightweight 76 and 88 key semi-weighted action models, plus an 88 note fully weighted action model. The Stage Pianos have the award-winning Kurzweil sounds and transmit on two, user-selectable, independent MIDI channels. Put your music on stage with the SP line of performance pianos from Kurzweil, the industry leader in sound technology.

32 programs and 32 factory setups are provided which offer a variety of splits and layered combinations (when used as a controller) with programmable controller assignments. Grand Piano offers stretched and non-stretched tuned versions, and programs with different EQ. Dual-Hardness Tine Electric Piano offers soft and hard strike samples arranged in several program variations. FM Electric Piano is provided in a variety of programs. Programs based on the Ensemble Strings include selections with different EQ's and envelope response. Tone Wheel Organ programs include organ w/percussion, ballad organ, jazzy organ, and more!

The SP Series keyboards also offer many MIDI controller features. Two Ribbons (used instead of traditional wheels) provide flexible control. The Pitch ribbon has a user programmable software "spring", allowing the pitch to jump back to center or remain at the value where the finger lifts off the surface. The Mod Ribbon also has the programmable "spring", and in addition, allows for different functions (software destinations) to be programmed for the 'up' position separately from the 'down' position.
Additional Specifications
Keyboard 88 note semi-weighted action
Factory Presets 32 programs. Includes complete MicroPiano ROM Sound set (featuring acoustic piano, electric piano, FM electric piano, tone wheel organ, and strings)
Multitimbral No Receives only on MIDI channel 1 (the SP series is not multitimbral)
Polyphony 32 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated
Effects 9 preset effects, featuring 8 different reverbs, plus chorus, with separate controllable wet/dry levels for reverb and chorus components.
Type: 3 character, 7-segment LED
Indication: Value
Line Out L/Mono & R
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Description: Unbalanced
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Description: Stereo
MIDI In & Out
Connector: DIN
Parameter: Pitch
Control Type: Slide Encoder
Range: Ribbon controller
Parameter: Modulation
Control Type: Slide Encoder
Range: Ribbon controller
Parameter: Control
Control Type: Slide Encoder


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