Kobol Expander


Main Details
Maker RSF Company
Form Factor 19" Rackmount
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In France
Date Produced 1979
Dimensions 4U high
Notes Rack version of the Kobol synth keyboard with more patch points but without the memories and sequencer. Monophonic. It's the main part of a four elements semi-modular system composed by the Kobol Expander, the Expander II, the Programmer and the KM8 mixer. It included:

32 jacks, 23 rotary pots, 5 switches.
Voltage processor
Noise generator
2 VCO's
2 VCA's (VCO mixer)
1 VCF 24db low pass
2 ADS envelopes
VCA (main out)
Control - CV/Gate 1 volt / octave


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