SX-690 (Type KU)

Radio Receiver

Main Details
Maker Pioneer Brand
Additional Model ID SX-690/KU
Form Factor Standard Width
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1977-1979
(H × W × D)
Weight 19.6lbs
Power Source 120VAC, 60Hz 95W (UL)
Frequency Response 5Hz-100kHz ±3dB
Notes U.S.A. specific model. Black dial variant of SX-680/KU.
Additional Specifications
Power Output (20Hz-20kHz, 8/4Ω) 30W/37W
THD (Rated Output, 8Ω) ≤0.1%
THD (15W, 8Ω) ≤0.08%
THD (1W, 8Ω) ≤0.05%
IMD (Rated Output, 8Ω, 50Hz:7kHz) ≤0.1%
IMD (15W, 8Ω, 50Hz:7kHz) ≤0.08%
IMD (1W, 8Ω, 50Hz:7kHz) ≤0.05%
Damping Factor (20Hz-20kHz, 8Ω) 25
Input Sensitivity (Phono) 2.5mV
Input Impedance (Phono) 50kΩ
Phono Overload Level (1kHz, THD 0.1%) 200mV
Input Sensitivity (Aux) 150mV
Input Impedance (Aux) 50kΩ
Input Sensitivity (Tape Play 1,2) 150mV
Input Impedance (Tape Play 1,2) 50kΩ
Output Level (Tape 1,2) 150mV
Frequency Response (RIAA EQ) 30Hz-15kHz ±0.5dB
SNR (Phono, IHF, Short-Circuited, A network) 75dB
SNR (Aux, Tape, IHF, Short-Circuited, A network) 90dB
FM Sensitivity (Mono) 10.8dBf 1.9μV
FM Sensitivity (Mono, 50dB Quieting) 16.7dBf 3.8μV
FM Sensitivity (Stereo, 50dB Quieting) 36.7dBf 38μV
FM SNR (65dBf, Mono) 80dB
FM SNR (65dBf, Stereo) 70dB
FM Distortion (65dBf, 100Hz, Mono) 0.07%
FM Distortion (65dBf, 100Hz, Stereo) 0.15%
FM Distortion (65dBf, 1kHz, Mono) 0.07%
FM Distortion (65dBf, 1kHz, Stereo) 0.15%
FM Distortion (65dBf, 6kHz, Mono) 0.2%
FM Distortion (65dBf, 6kHz, Stereo) 0.25%
FM Capture Ratio 1.0dB
FM Alternate Channel Selectivity 60dB
FM Spurious Response Ratio 65dB
FM Image Response Ratio 65dB
FM IF Response Ratio 90dB
FM AM Suppression Ratio 50dB
FM Muting Threshold 19.2dBf 5μV
FM Stereo Separation (1kHz) 45dB
FM Stereo Separation (30Hz-15kHz) 30dB
FM Subcarrier Production Ratio 50dB
FM SCA Rejection Ratio 65dB
Frequency Response (FM) 30Hz-15kHz +0.2dB, -1.0dB
Input Impedance (Antenna, Balanced) 300Ω
Input Impedance (Antenna, Unbalanced) 75Ω
AM Sensitivity (IHF, Ferrite Antenna) 300μV/m
AM Sensitivity (IHF, External Antenna) 15μV
AM Selectivity 26dB
AM Image Response Ratio 40dB
AM IF Response Ratio 40dB


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