Waves Audio

Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain


Main Details
Maker Waves Audio Company Abbey Road Studios Designer Abbey Road Collection Brand
Form Factor Software
Signal Path Software
Date Produced 2018-
Notes Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain is a modular mastering chain plugin modeled after the EMI TG12410 Transfer Console used in all Abbey Road's mastering suites since the early '70s to this day.

The modules include:
1. TG12411 Input Module
2. TG12412 Tone Module (EQ)
3. TG12413 Compressor/Limiter Module
4. TG12414 Filter Module
5. TG12416 V.A.L (Spread) Module (stereo component only) incorporated into the Output Module.

The plug-in was developed by Waves Audio in association with Abbey Road Studios.
Additional Specifications
Announced/First Available 16 October 2018
Price $199 US


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