Acoustical Systems



Main Details
Maker Acoustical Systems Brand
Form Factor Freestanding
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Germany
Date Produced 2016-2018
(H × W × D)
Weight 388kg
Power Source 110/120/220/230VAC, 50/60Hz 180W Optional: DC, Battery
Notes Limited to 22 units.
Additional Specifications
Speed (RPM) 33⅓, 45 Optional: 16⅔, 78
Drive Type Balanced Shaft Transmission Belt-Direct Drive Hybrid
Speed Control Quartz Locked User Adjustable: ±5%
Wow & Flutter (WRMS) <0.01%
Arm Base Compatibility Up to 5
Platter Mass 58kg
Platter Composition Delrin, V2A Stainless Steel, HD18 Tungsten
Platter Suspension Bi-Radial Aero-Static Air-Bearing
Plinth Suspension Air-Spring Induction-Field
Suspension Resonance Frequency <0.5Hz
Optional Finish Polished Chrome, 24kt Gold Plating Optional Side Panels: Wood Veneer, Smoked Glass
MSRP (2016) €260,000


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