Phat Boy v2

Control Surface

Main Details
Maker Keyfax Company
Form Factor Desktop
Made In USA
Date Produced 1999
Dimensions 228mm x 108mm x 42mm
Weight .67kg
Power Source 9v DC
Notes Specifications
13 multi-function rotary control knobs. MIDI Channel selector. SNAPSHOT/RESET button. Mode switch (OFF, I,II,III,IV,V,VI). MIDI IN. MIDI OUT. AC Power supply.
Dimensions: 228mm x 108mm x 42mm
Weight: 0.67kg
Accessories (supplied in box)
1 x Floppy Disk of Keyfax MIDI Sample Grooves.
Overlay card for specific/user-definable applications-wipe-on, wipe-off surface.
Grease Pencil.
Power 9v DC
AC adaptor supplied.
Phat.Eye LED
Power indicating 'eye' to show whether the Phat.Boy is ON or OFF.
All data arriving at the Phat.Boy's MIDI IN port is echoed directly to the MIDI OUT port (Soft Thru). Phat.Boy knob data is merged with any incoming data and transmitted via the MIDI OUT port.
A 4-position mode switch. Position 1 turns the Phat.Boy's power OFF. Positions 2, 3 and 4 allow mode selection for using the Phat.Boy with different instruments/sound sources.
Press momentarily for SNAPSHOT function. Press and hold for 3 seconds for the RESET function. The SNAPSHOT function will send the current parameter value of knobs 1-13 from the MIDI OUT, allowing the data to be recorded by a connected MIDI sequencer.
The RESET function resets accessible parameters on the connected device.
Modes I, II and II.
Knobs function as below using NRPN's in Modes I and II. In Mode III standard MIDI continuous controller messages are transmitted.


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