A-100 Mini Case

Enclosure / Casing, Power Supply

Main Details
Maker Doepfer Company
Additional Model ID A-100MC
Form Factor Portable
Signal Path No Audio
Made In Germany
Dimensions 180mm (W) x 155mm (H) x 125mm (D)
Power Source See 'Additional Specs' below
Notes Available unpainted or painted black and with or without an external power transformer.

See manufacturer's product page for comprehensive notes.
Additional Specifications
Power Source (until sept 2016) 9V AC (500 mA)
Power Source (after sept 2016) 12-15V AC (400 mA)
Total Row Width 32 HP
Number of Bus Connectors 4
Max Total Current Capability 200 mA @ +/-12V and 50 mA @ +5V


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