HX-10000 (G)

Amplifier, Phono

Main Details
Maker Yamaha Brand Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. Company Limited Centennial Edition Series
  • 2 × Channel
Form Factor Standard Width
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Japan
Date Produced 1987
(H × W × D)
Weight 44lbs
Power Source 220VAC, 50Hz 25W
Notes European model

Limited to 250 units to celebrate Yamaha's centennial
Additional Specifications
Input Sensitivity (MC, High Gain) 60µV
Input Impedance (MC, High Gain) 10Ω/30Ω
Input Sensitivity (MC, Low Gain) 200µV
Input Impedance (MC, Low Gain) 30Ω/100Ω
Input Sensitivity (MM) 2.5mV
Input Impedance (MM) 47kΩ
Maximum Input Signal (1kHz, THD 0.01%, MC, High Gain) ≥3.4mV
Maximum Input Signal (1kHz, THD 0.01%, MC, Low Gain) ≥12mV
Maximum Input Signal (1kHz, THD 0.01%, MM) ≥120mV
Output Level 150mV
Output Impedance 470kΩ
Maximum Output Voltage (20Hz-20kHz, 0.01% THD) ≥5V
RIAA Equalization Deviation (MC, 20Hz-20kHz) ±0.2dB
RIAA Equalization Deviation (MM, 20Hz-20kHz) ±0.2dB
THD (20Hz-20kHz, MC) 0.002%
THD (20Hz-20kHz, MM) 0.001%
SNR (MC, 500µV, IHF-A-Network) 94dB
SNR (MC, New IHF) 86dB
SNR (MM, 5mV, IHF-A-Network) 99dB
SNR (MM, New IHF) 85.5dB
Channel Separation (MM, 1kHz) 86dB
Channel Separation (MM, 10kHz) 66dB
Channel Separation (MC, 1kHz) 50dB
Channel Separation (MC, 10kHz) 50dB


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