Main Details
Maker Rotel Company
Notes Rotel RC-5000 "The Control Amp" ! This pre- poweramp combination represent the biggest amplifiers ever build by the famous high end producer ROTEL. This is definitive state of the art / studio standart of the early eighties with the total weigt of 135 lbs/75 KG! This is absolute gigantism.

Opening the power amp, first, also well equipt collectors of massive amplifiers don´t trust their eyes.....This must be true power design!

Regarding the sound of this very impressive preamp, I was deeply surprised. I expected some "super linear" and with distant coolness playing preamp like the early Yamaha´s did. None of that.

It plays just like you want it to play. Using the very smoth equalizer, you will have to admit: "Purism is great...sometimes" It plays warm, dynamic, clear....all in all I would dare to call it tender. Creating different moods and ambients, it makes you fall into a journey of sound.....Test it if you can. Original Owners Manual included.


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