Main Details
Maker Panasonic Brand
  • 2 × Channel
Form Factor Tabletop
Signal Path Digital Hardware (including Analog Connections)
Power Source 120 VAC
Frequency Response 4Hz – 20 KHz
Notes Main Features:
Scan mode
Programmable playback
Still/step playback
Remote Control (with direct access)
Front panel shuttle dial for reverse/forward direction
Front panel headphone jack + volume
Font panel Multi-function display
On-screen display

Technical specifications:
Output (video) : NTSC
Power consumption: 36W (power off, 6 W)
Power source: AC 110-120V 50-60hz
Video signal output: S-video + Composite
Audio signal output: Digital audio (optical) + Analog audio
Frequency response: 4Hz – 20 KHz
S/N Ratio: 115dB
Dynamic Range: 96dB
Wow and flutter: below measurable limit
Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%

Headphone connector: 32 ohm (30mV), impedance: 8 ohm or more


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