Fourier Components

Sans Pareil Mark III

Amplifier, Power

Main Details
Maker Fourier Components Brand Fourier Components, Inc. Company Tom Gambill Designer John Atwood Designer
Additional Model ID Sans Pareil MkIII
  • 1 × Channel
Form Factor Standard Width
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In United States
Date Produced 199?
(H × W × D)
Weight 70lbs
Power Source 115VAC/230VAC, 50/60Hz 518W
Frequency Response 5Hz-100kHz
Notes Bias servo added to first stage and high-current toroidal inductor added to power supply.
Additional Specifications
Output Power (8/4Ω) 190W/120W
Amplifier Type OTL Output Transformerless
Output Tube PL509 (x10)
Input Sensitivity 1V
Input Impedance 275kΩ
SNR >85dB
Tube Complement PL509 (x12), 6EJ7 (x3), 5651 (x2), 6922 (x2)


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