Frontman 15G

Amplifier, Guitar

Main Details
Maker Fender Brand
Additional Model ID PR 495 ~ Manufacturer Part Number: 0231500001
  • 1 × Channel
Form Factor Portable
Signal Path Analog Hardware
Made In Indonesia
Date Produced 2002 - 2010
Dimensions Height: 12.5" (31.8 cm), Width: 13.25" (33.65 cm), Depth: 7.25" (18.41 cm)
Weight 15 Lbs
Power Source 120 VAC ~ 60Hz 38W
Notes Series: Frontman Series II
Solid State Output
15 watts into 8 ohms
8" Fender Special Design Speaker p/n 0025421000
3-Band EQ
Headphone Jack
Auxiliary Input for CD, Tape, or Drum Machine
Closed Back Blackface Styling with Silver Grille Cloth
Covering: Black Textured Vinyl with Silver Grille Cloth
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Connector: 1/4" Phone Jack (6.35mm)
Aux Input
Connector: RCA (Phono, Cinch)
Parameter: Volume
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: EQ
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: Drive Select
Control Type: Latching Push Switch
Parameter: Power
Control Type: Rocker Switch
Parameter: Gain
Control Type: Rotary Pot
Parameter: Drive Volume
Control Type: Rotary Pot


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