The scope of the Gearogs project includes things like turntables (including all-acoustic phonographs), amplifiers, speakers, mixing desks, effects including spring and plate reverbs, and microphones. It includes instruments that create their sound directly via electronic means (analog and digital synthesizers, for example), but not electro-acoustic instruments such as electric guitars, Fender Rhodes electric pianos and the like, nor electro-mechanical instruments such as the Mellotron, nor opto-electronic instruments such as the Optigan.

Common scenarios where this equipment will be found are in recording studios, hi-fi, and DJ type setups.

Audio equipment is a broad subject. In order to keep the database focused, especially at the start, the following areas are being avoided for the time being:

  • In Car Entertainment (ICE)
  • Home Cinema
  • Guitar Amps
  • Amateur and Professional Radio Equipment
  • Some equipment will crossover from these areas. Discussion on the scope of Gearogs is expected!